Whether your community is your organization, your city, your school district, your county, or your state, BG Consulting can bring people together to ensure that all voices are heard and honored. In this way, you will identify a shared perspective and common goals.

Community Building

BG Consulting is adept at building teams, strengthening community connections, establishing collaboration, dealing with change, and identifying future trends. In addition, BG Consulting can take you through personal assessments such as Myers-Briggs, Gregorc Learning Styles, “Discover Your Strengths”, and Emotional Intelligence. And, your training will be designed specifically for your own needs.


Coaching is a partnership that allows you to design and reach the results you want in both your personal and professional life. As your coach, Bridget Beck Gothberg will support you to find your own answers, develop your own life direction, and reach your potential. Through the coaching process, she will enhance performance by working one-on-one with current leaders or emerging leaders to help them grow. This can be a life-changing experience.


Meetings, retreats, and public processes can be smooth and efficient. Participants are more likely to be engaged and successful outcomes are more achievable in the hands of a professional facilitator. BG Consulting brings experience and skills that will make a difference for you and your group. BG Consulting is skilled in World Café, Open Space Technology, Appreciative Inquiry, Strategic Planning, Problem Solving, Small and Large Group Methodologies.


Successful companies around the world recognize the relevance of emotional intelligence to leadership. Emotional competence is a critical success factor for leadership in every culture, every industry, and every job. BG Consulting will help you look closely at your own leadership style in terms of personal, social and emotional competencies. Emotionally intelligent leaders create an environment where employees feel appreciated and are fully engaged. Relationships built on understanding, respect, and care make a difference. BG Consulting will show you how.



BG Consulting can take all of these areas, meet with you and then design a hybrid model that offers you great mileage, is good for your environment, and will get you the best return on investment.